Beta bug finders

hey, i need you to play a beta of my game, if you find any bugs,let me know and if you know how to
fix them, please send screenshot of how, also please share ideas, opinions etc. thanks!
(z=toggle missle mode x=return to bullet mode W,A,S,D=move Right-click=shoot)



I’m a little disappointed you didn’t tag me.

I’ll check it out when I get the chance.

Neat game! Hope you keep and continue it.

You get stuck to walls and when you jump and tap a directional key your character jumps in that direct and doesn’t stop moving while in the air. So basically you don’t have much control while jumping

I just played it and the artstyle is pretty unique and seems like a classic platformer.

Bugs I have found would be the player sticking to the walls and being able to wall jump. If this was a feature, i would recommend cleaning it up such as sliding down the wall slowly while gripped to it and fling off the wall when you jump, not straight up.

If it’s a bug, i would recommend making the player a capsule shape so it don’t stick to the walls and the collisions in the run and jump bundle, make it only collide with the top block on the bottom of the player. If it’s colliding everywhere then the player can jump up the side of walls.

The bullets and enemies look smooth, but I noticed the enemies have a simple wander system. The camera design makes it a bit difficult to attack enemies if they appear and disappear from that segment. Or walking on and off screen. I would recommend making the screen a tad bit larger and having each segment almost like a level where enemies only walk inside that segment and the entrances to that area are safe of traps to prevent getting randomly killed for not knowing where an enemy is when advancing to the next area.

The gun is a little broken since there doesn’t seem to be a bullet limit until reloading, so I would recommend a slight cooldown so you can’t jitter click like a gatling gun at enemies.

If you want to be able to shoot like that, then I would recommend adding a magazine feature to reload after so many shots so it’s not too OP.

Other than that, this game has great potential and I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

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who the heck are you?
also thnx


meant to be a metroidvainia

i’ve tried,it breaks the game

im a free user, so i cant do that

good idea!

what should the next zone be?

  • leeftik
  • shroomus

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a lush system of caverns with acid, and other hazards
a spore filled zone full of shrooms and bouncy sroom
and of course, other hazards

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the acid definitely sounds more peril, so the shroomus level first.

Sus :+1:

also you should use ray casting instead of collisions for the jumping. Also have the player always having a velocity of 0 unless A or D is pressed. That way you won’t slide around if you clip something, which happened to me. if you need help with this I have a really advanced movement system you can look into. You’ll probably understand it because it’s definitely a lot neater than your code lol, please don’t take offense to that I’m only joking.

I also have a really good AI system for enemies if you want to look at that too?

yes but
pls send screen shot, of link to example

Well I was asking to see if you wanted to see it or not, since you do I will give you link. You probably already played the game but just look inside the player-ninja and the enemy-ninja

Basically all the floor tile block’s have the parent set to floor, that way I can detect all of them with 1 raycast. So if you confused about that well thats how I can check for many blocks with 1 raycast. I used this for the jumping and for the AI

No, what I meant by it’s own separate level, I meant like a stage within the level. Like each segment has its own puzzle and set of enemies, but it’s all on the same level.

Sorry if I worded that wrong.

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