Better Favourite System

I would like it if you could favourite and unfavourite any game on Flowlab. I also wonder if we could have a comment system for each game tied to the flowlab accounts?


Would be nice, since there are a lot of users not on the forums, and therefore don’t leave feedback.

After adding commenting to games (similar to how’s is set up), we would need a notification system, which would also be great (like there is for the forums).


These are both good ideas. The Favorites system for sure needs some improvement.

We actually used to have comments under each game (using Facebook comments), but they didn’t integrate with Flowlab accounts and generally just collected spam.

It would probably be possible to add game comments using the forum, so that’s an option.

I also think it would be great to have like a dev log that you could use to post updates during development - is that something that people would really use if it existed?


Yep, I don’t know anything about making websites but if it was possible you could make a feature for us to embed a forum topic, people could type like normal if they had an account logged into the forum, and polls could be hosted, all under the game.

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Like’s? Yep, that’d be something I’d be interested in, and i’m sure others are too.

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Yes, definitely.

that’s an amazing idea!

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yes apsoulutly I would use that!


I would use this 100%


I was actually just thinking about this. If this does come, there should totally be a favorites page so you can see your favorite games and maybe other people’s too. Gives more weight to a favorite and more purpose to it too


You could make comments allowed to people who actually make games or maybe just people who actually qualified to participate in flowjams. Which narrows it down to a decent community that actually shows support and feedback of a game instead of bot accounts spamming stuff or noob accounts complaining how bad it is from jealousy or something. Not saying all newer accounts do it, but I’ve seen some before.
Just an idea.


I think this is a good idea, but also has flaws. As a game dev, I want to hear from everyone I can. I feel like it’s a better way of seeing what the consumer wants as opposed to fellow developers. But I do understand that their are spammers out there, as well as nasty people.

Because of this, I think it would be a good idea to make comments optional for your game. A toggle would be pretty useful (though it should save previous posts or the toggle feature could be abused).