big glitch

so now whenever i load into my flowlab game the darkness
the game always says art didnt load correctly and I mean always says that

@grazer hm…

its fixed(I think)

nope it still remains…@grazer

hmm and its consistent, take a look @grazer


@grazer its refuses to die… I need vengence…


@meburningslime, please dont keep spamming @ grazer…
It may need attention but so do many other things.

Spamming his @ will fill his notifications and would have several notifications for one page…
making it harder to navigate to all Different discussions that also needs help by him.

If need be, he may not in the Forums too often, so an occasional bump would help.
(occasional as once every other/few days)

I should change the wording on that message to make it more clear what’s happening. It looks like one of your sprites failed to save at some point, and now there is no sprite to load. The engine cannot tell whether the sprite is missing, or your network connection is just flaky, so it’s trying to warn you that one of the sprites needs attention. You need to either edit the sprite or delete the broken object from your library:


I’m happy to hear any ideas for how to handle this case in a less confusing manner.

Hey @grazer ! Thanks for looking into this for us. Maybe wecould have a self-diagnostic tool…?
that may be too much to progrm for you but if you can make it that would be epic! :slight_smile: