Big problem, please help (SOLVED) (DONT RESPAWN)

in the game, when a player attacks “im using the character blocky as a example” emits a object that hurts the enemy, but the enemy gets damaged and gets knocked back, but the player emits the objects but the enemy doesn’t get hurt. its very weird.

dont respond if you cant help me please. :slight_smile:

Ok, @ShadowGaming Make Sure That You Have The Enemy Object Collision

i do have it set to that (20202200)

@ShadowGaming What Is The Enemy Object Called?

its not really an enemy object but its another playable character but i just used a random playable character example (Formula-D)

Wheres XDD3G did ya change your name?

yes i did, and can you help?

Lemme try to see if i could figure it out

I know already

Give all characters colission to any attacks and make it damage them i could do this if ya want i am A coder of FAS if that is the game ya talking about

yes it is, and i did idk what is wrong.

Lemme code it up when i get back from my vacay

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so no one can help? (202020)

Question, does it have anything to do with hitboxes. I will occasionally get a bug where the emitted object will delete after hitting the enemies hit box but not the enemy. Since the enemy is actually smaller or different size compared to the box (sprite).

There are a few options, either add a timer to the emitted object so when it collides into the enemy it will have like a 0.1 second delay before deleting and that might help.

Another one is to use proximity. Setting the proximity into a square and then making it about the same size as the enemy works pretty well if not better than the collision in my opinion. Which the proximity can work for both the emitted object as well as the enemy. But I would set the emitted objects proximity a lot lower than that of the enemy so the emitted object will be touching the enemy by the time it realizes that it needs to delete, similar to that of my timer solution, but this solution should prove more accurate.

sry this wasted your time, but i solved it :slight_smile: again thank you but sry.

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