Billy and the Sun (Story Thing I made up)

I made a silly little story a few months back and decided to share it with you guys. Just so you know this has nothing to do with my games. Anyway it’s called
Billy And The Sun
It is a nice story I made up which has something to do with Billy and him never seeing the sun his whole entire life. I’ll post Chapter 1 maybe tomorrow.
Also it kinda isn’t silly. It’s more… unsilly. I don’t know how to explain it.


Billy and the Sun
Chapter 1;
The way it all started.

It started like a normal Wednesday morning. Billy overslept and was late to school. Maybe he would’ve been earlier to school if his mom and big sister hadn’t died, but I can’t change the past. Since his dad goes to work early in the morning Billy had the responsibility to wake himself up. He should’ve gotten used to this but he hasn’t. Billy isn’t good with adapting to changes. After school Billy has the whole house to himself. He would always do his homework and then watch TV. Life isn’t as different in 302X compared to 202X. In fact, I think the only thing different is that there are less materials for almost everything which results in everything being highly expensive. Due to this problem Billy’s Dad, Ivan, has had big trouble balancing the money between food and bills. It seemed that everyday that you would see more people lose their homes and come to life on the streets. After a while, it was past 6:00 PM which was the time Ivan would come back home to make dinner for Billy. Of course Billy was starving so he went out by himself and took some of his own money to buy some fast food. Billy has seen some strange things. But not as strange as this. He saw people carrying guns taking everyone in his town into vans, he even saw his father. So, Billy not wanting to have one more of his loved ones die again he took a random glass bottle from the floor, broke off the bottom and then sneaked into the van his Father was taken into. “Dad! I’ve come to save you!” Billy said confidently. “Billy! Oh I can’t believe I forgot to bring you.” Ivan said in a calm voice. “Bring me? Bring me where? And where are these people with guns taking everybody?” Billy was curious and wondered why his father had never told him about this in advance. “They’re bringing us to somewhere safe, Billy. With enough food to keep us alive for about 10-15 years.” Ivan seemed full of hope. Unfortunately, they all had just been tricked.

I might post chapter 2 today also.


Billy and the Sun
Chapter 2;
New life in a new world.

They had all fallen asleep. And woke up in an entirely new world. It was all so bright and it looked like everything was smiling, even the sun. Billy woke up on a normal Wednesday morning. The “Gods” had entered the world and had fed them the most delicious of foods… Oatmeal. They all lived happily as if in a cartoon and did not care about anything. Not even a care about their past life. After being fed they would frolic around being as useless as they could have ever been. Sure, some of their neighbors “moved out of town” but that doesn’t mean the fun could end. Unless… you’re alone of course. Then all you can do is talk to the smiling sun that probably doesn’t even have emotions, let alone a brain. Billy’s father “moved out of town” too and all that was left was Billy. The “Gods” came to feed him the same food that he ate for every Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Oatmeal. After waking up on a normal Sunday morning years after waking up in the new world, Billy wanted to leave. When the “Gods” came to feed Billy, he had asked “Hello your greatnesses. I have a question… will I ever be able to leave?”. The “Gods” were astonished. And had only said “Why leave when there’s so much to do?” and left. Everyday Billy asked the “Gods” the same question and soon enough the “Gods” stopped visiting. Billy had noticed that the Sun’s mouth always opened up when the “Gods” came and he decided to open it himself. He first got that crowbar hidden under the floorboard in his “house” and force opened the sun’s smile. He noticed a strange red liquid on the Sun’s teeth, he suspected it to be ketchup or fruit punch but it was just the past “Gods” who entered the world a bit too slowly. After a bit of hesitation, Billy jumped down into the mouth.


wow this is so good keep it up!

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Working on Chapter 3 and it’s going good. I’ve decided it should take up at least 3 pages on google docs because the last 2 were pretty short.


Ok technically, Billy has seen the sun because he’s like 9 years old or younger but he forgot about it after being tricked into the “New World” which was just a fake Earth. Also here’s a part of the book/story I wanted to show you guys.