Billy Mays VS terrorist Update and help discussion

I’ve worked on this game a solid 2-3 months and want some overall feedback. I know its not perfect, it has a few bugs, but anything anyone says that can make it better helps. The plot is, YOU are Billy Mays, and terrorists come to take over Oxi Clean, so you must destroy the Terrorist HQ to get Oxi Clean back. It can be seen as offensive, but it is a silly, nonsense flashgame and I hope you enjoy it!

on the sec lvl where terrorist attack from every where when you jump on the closest block and move forward one block the block in the middle just makes me fall and die so pls fix it

Ok, I didn’t notice that one spot, some spots are supposed to be like that, but that wasn’t one, thank you for the feedback.

I added a version tracker to the game, located in the bottom left corner. It is on V.1.031.6, the next update will be V.1.04, the next biggest being V.1.1, where a possible level and character change may happen.

Great game! I was trying not to laugh while dying :smiley:

Thank you Luminous!

Update V1.04 is open, now Billy looks cleaner, and a new emeny is here- KKK.

Hey, I want to make my guy be able to shoot the enemy, and the enemy shoot back, with working health bars, I want to have that in by update V1.2, can anyone help?