Binding Controls Example

Ever wanna make it so players can edit their controls? Well, now you can with this example!


this has to get into the help section of the flowlab website

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kiwi leaf and i already made this, but kiwi leaf’s example should work better because it works with multiple keys in the same frame somehow


I didn’t know anyone else made this. Good to know I guess.

I also took a go at this a few months ago. In level 3 I have this.

I need to finish this, I planned on making this a resource for a bunch of practical things like player movement, cameras, menus, particles, etc.

This isn’t a flowlab bug, but just a thing with some keyboards, it struggles to activate on any key and correctly update the out input, so I made a fix for that. It’s not 100% perfect, but it works very well.

Also @Galactian I’d be interested in seeing what you and kiwi made

this is what i made Flowlab Game Creator - Keybinds

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This doesn’t even show how to do it though…

someone requested it so i made it

it works for me, just requires you to understand the bare basics of saving

i didn’t want to make anything super complex and thought that people using it would know how to make a place for people to set it and save it

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Yeah, but @CodeAlpaca’s and mine both are full examples that show how to set it up…

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it’s quite easy to set mine up, the inputs and outputs shouldn’t be confusing and should be easy to understand how to use