Bits in Review - A Return?

Yep! If you don’t want your review to be seen by everyone you can send me a direct message and I’ll reply to your message with the review there.

Here you can review this! Tell me what I’m doing good, bad and what I should add!

(Since your a part time play tester)

I know, but literally every single person called it garbage and when you, the most positive reviewer (i know it’s sad lol) told me similar, it feels like nobody appreciates it. I quit updating it after somebody else reviewed it at 2/10.

Are you still doing reviews? @BitWit
I have a game I would like to see some more feedback on.

@johnpost Yes siree, just link the game and I’ll get to it!

It’s the first Sunday of spooky month and you guys know what that means… :wink:

My game has no story. It also has no sound so far, so you can grade me on that or not.

Review of THRALL
Created by @probablydon

Game play: 7
Game feel: 8
Art: 9
Sound: 9
Originality: 9.5
Story: 8

Average: 8.42/10
Completeness Bonus: +0.25
Total: 8.67/10


Game play: Very nice! I really like the approach of using two types of attacks and a block, it provides more depth to a system which would otherwise become pretty boring and generic. I would suggest making the situations in which you use one over the other more obvious such as one being noticeably stronger but slower as a result. As it stands right now the two attacks feel pretty similar. Because you’re not locked into attacks after you start one, you can just spam either attack to lawnmower your way through enemies, so some more variability would go a long way to beefing up an already cool idea. (On a side note, could you make it so you can’t kill Yigyak in the wolf section? It is pretty funny the first time or so, but it makes killing the wolves a little more annoying after that.) Also, the bosses are great. I love some good bosses.

Game feel: The polish of this game is phenomenal and really makes Thrall stand out. The gameplay was snappy and clear cut in most cases, making for a fun and enjoyable experience. A small gripe would be in the usage of long animations for attacks. While granted they do look pretty cool, they make it hard to gauge when you will hit an enemy and can make it hard to tell if you’re actually connecting your blows. Short and concise swipes or charges for a stronger attack really make the impact of your actions felt.

Art: This is some great sprite work, I really enjoy the super rich environments you have created with your art, good work! The atmosphere and ambiance are great, I really love it.

Sound: The sounds do a decent job at conveying their meaning and the music does too. While initially this category was lower because of the simplicity of the music, upon replaying Thrall, I found that the music was randomized. Such a small yet cool detail really adds to replayability and atmosphere so I had to make the score a bit higher.

Originality: This game compared to most of Flowlab is very unique. There are very few side-scrolling adventure/semi beat-em ups especially one with such polish and work put in.

Story: An adventure of two men forced into an unknown and dangerous woodland sounds like the beginning of a great fantasy tale, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Good luck on your future endeavors and thank you for the submission!

Should entrees that achieve a 7.5 rating or higher receive a custom mark of quality from me to use on their games as promotion and as proof of the game’s high level of standard? This would work something like IGN rating a game and the game puts the rating on commercials, descriptions, etc.

  • Yes
  • No

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i think that’s a really good idea. that gives people something to aim for when they submit games.

would this be kind of like nintendo’s official seal?

Yep, that’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind :slight_smile:

that’s cool. can’t wait to see it.

I present to you: The Chip of Quality!
New Piskel-1.png (66)
The one above is just an example which is why the id has hashtags. If anyone has received a score higher than 7.5 and would like to use this seal for their game, please message me so I can personalize yours!


Woo! I can’t wait to see my score soon.

Looks dope! Really smart way to keep 'em wanting reviews!


Hey @BitWit I really liked the idea of adding custom badges and wanted to ask if I can use a similar system for my reviews, I figured that if you are going to include it, that would be pretty cool if all reviews had their own mark or approval or proof that you scored a pretty good score. I figured that I would ask you since you came up with the idea.

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Hey @BitWit can you post the list of review order?

Yeah, of course! As long as it’s your own I think that would be fine.


List of upcoming reviews:

1.) Private Review B

1.) Pixel Sports (Pretty much done)
3.) A-Box
4.) a stitch in time
5.) New Scared Game
6.) The Facility
7.) Notes and Waves
8.) 3d Drive
9.) The Decimation of Mankind
10.) The Hardest Game 3

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Man I can’t wait until mine! I’ve currently remastered the demo and its the only current gameplay on there, but I think its pretty cool. I hope you enjoy what I got done so far.

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