Bittrix- An isometric grid based movement game [Update Log]

This game is not at all finished or even playable I just posted this so I have a discussion for the game later in the future. If you would like to stay updated with my progress just check the game every now and then.

Also again I’m challenging myself with an isometric type game, so yeah fun.


Just to let you know the colors are in place for a texture design I will work on later in the future, so if you think it looks weird it’s just temporary. Don’t forget to leave a like on the game :heart:

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Ok I have updated the tiles, so now they look a lot better. Tell me what you think :smile:

Also thank you for every one that is supporting me be favoriting my comments and posts, it means a lot :heart:


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I really like the style of this so far! Very nice!

Neat! reminds me of Mario RPG

@rcreger @BitWit thanks you guys so much. also do you know any one or if you guys can help me make a grid based movement for this style of top down I would appreciate it. I’m having a lot of trouble with it and you can probably see why since of the diagonal style movement needed.

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I personally do not :grimacing: hey @JR01, Haevoc may need some help here

Definitely out of my comfort zone there. I haven’t really worked on games that aren’t top down or side view before. Guys like JR_01 or TinkerSmith will probably know best for this

On the phone right now, so can’t check what you have done so far.
But should be examples in the game section, @todorrobot 's comes to mind:

This is a great example only if I could read it. Umm lol. Although the ease behavior looks like it might help because of the way he used it so I’m going to try that out I wonder if @JR01 has any ideas

Hmm… I feel like I know this person…
aside, the workings in this game are coming a lot farther than what I’ve seen in plenty of other projects (like mine :sweat:) . Best of luck!

I feel like you know something your not supposed to crap if you do don’t tell anyone ok.

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OK, I found out how to make movement for the game.

I think it would be best to create your own grid layout with these squares, like having an origin (0,0) and moving the characters to the represented tile / grid. If you want flow movement like velocity, up would be like 5X and -3Y. And grid movement would easiest be to use +32X and -64Y in the movement bundle.

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Yeah thats something similar to what i did. Thanks for the help :heart:

The game is still pretty buggy, very buggy. But it is a new project and isometric games aren’t easy to make. I’ll be watching the progress of this game closely

Hey guys i fixed a issue with collision when i went to create a new floor type it’s all working fine now thanks to the help of @JR01, thank you for helping me out. So if you want to test it out links up above. :slight_smile:

I’m also planning on adding some props for decoration and some switches/buttons to progress through the game. Tell me what you think and what i should add to the game.