Block Boys (Two Player Game)

Um Hi Everyone! Kinda new here…Everyone having a nice day good. Because I have a game i like to share. I have no art skills, no animating skills but there is one thing in the world that would help me shapes! Yep. This is a two player. So if you have any friends bring them over and try it out…When the game comes out. There will be updates, I will be on all day…because well in my country we have no school for me I think. But I will be on all day so here is the story.

you and your friend are on an adventure to see if the mystical king is real. So you travel doing puzzles, passing objects and most of all collecting earth keys. So good luck and have fun…Again when it comes out.

Mechanic Planning
I plan to add character selection or customization so that there will be different hats and stuff. Yes I know there is an a example about this I will look on it. I also plan to add a secret weapon from any games that you ask for. ANY.

Well I think thats all bye

  • block boy

Hi everyone I am back with a update. I have made a house where you can customize, save your progress and have fun.

Update future
I will add some more objects to make it feel likfe home. I also plan to add bonus doors that allows you to get random things like hats, keys, and all that stuff at the end of each level. I plan to add the tutorial in for players who dont know how to play.
heres the house


If anyone else who talked or like will be informed thank you!


Looks really fun! I like the way you made the houses and stuff

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