block destroy

how do you get where your characters jumps on the block so many times it disappears?

Add this.
Collision player top — +number — have 3 filters
filter 1 — if number equal to 1 — animation break 1
filter 2 — if number equal to 2 — animation break 2
filter 3 — if number equal to 3 — animation break 3 — destroy

That should work for you.

i need a pic. i try doing it but it wont work. idk if it is right.

give me a link to your game then.

I didn’t give you a link because animations broken (due to bug) but heres a pic like you wanted so you are lucky this time!

Make sure to write this down (or take a screen shot)

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 4.05.47 PM

What are the timers and the on/off switch for?

So it will wait a second before breaking again

Ok, hm…
I think I would’ve done it differently.
Try mine -
I even gave them respawn.

Very slick!

What’s slick, grazer?

your demo with blocks that get damaged and destroyed :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, thanks. There is a rule though that 2 objects cannot both use the same keyboard button. I thought that was odd.

I want to be able to step on a block and have it disappear. How do I do that?