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Probably because the name gives off the idea that there was indeed a game before it and it must have been good for a second one to be made in its name.


i haven’t been super active on the forums lately, is there any experienced players doing reviews (cause i got like no feedback on the game lmao)

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I don’t know of any currently, but I can play test it once I get a moment.

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I only got to play the first level since I was kind of in a rush, but I had played it before.

There is indeed a lot of blood, although I don’t really find it gory since it’s just cubes, but the use of particles is well done.

Since everything is red, when it comes to enemies that shoot projectiles, which are also red, makes it very hard to actually dodge them. Half the time I can’t even see the bullets. Maybe if they had an outline or were slightly larger, then it may be a bit more tolerable, but fighting a bunch of enemies at once can be a pain.

The leveling system is pretty cool, I like how it even tells you what your current buff already and how much it adds.

When it comes to first boss, the fight is kind of just you are running back and forth, shooting towards his direction, hoping that you hit him. I also don’t find the invisibility very pleasing. Since he randomly turns invisible, and I don’t have a clue where’s he’s at except by following the super small nametag that can sometimes hide inside of his bullets. Cause it’s all red.

I lost the level because he was invisible and managed to jump onto of me somehow so I couldn’t move. Since he shoots like 7 bullets at once, I just immediately died since there’s no telling when he will shoot. I think there could be a gun animation that could help determine when they are about to shoot so if you are stuck or cornered, you can plan more appropriately.


this does remind me that i have to make enemies not land on you (idk how i’m going to do this but i should cus it’s one of the unbalanced things i meant to fix earlier, probably just make you able to slide underneath them)

but the enemies on the first wave shoot slow bullets, and only shoot when very close to you
also, blood is on blocks, not in the air where the bullets are, so it shouldn’t make them hard to see

the boss doesn’t have a nametag, that’s just it’s health from before bossbars, there is a bar on the screen that also has his health displayed

the boss only moves straight at you so it shouldn’t be too hard to guess where it is, or run away when you see that it turned invisible

what gun did you use and which path did you go down?


I used the shotgun. I don’t know what path I exactly took, but I was mostly going for shorter cooldown.

Also, the enemies still emit particles when they take damage, which can make the bullets harder to see.

Since you can move faster than the boss, sometimes when he’s off screen you don’t know if he got slowed down by a jump or he’s already next to you because of the invisibility. So even if he has basic chase mechanics, it’s still hard to tell where he’s at.

You could add some sort of dashing mechanic that uses the impulse or something. That way you can dash left or right if enemies are ontop of you or something.

i’mma post a video of my playthrough in the game shortly, you’ll see what my issue is with balancing the game for other players really quickly

here’s a full playthrough of the game (has spoilers on new enemies and stuff)
surprised it only took me 5 tries to beat the final boss (most of the video is the final boss)