BLUE SKY 🌧 - FlowJam 2023


BLUE SKY :cloud_with_rain: :male_detective:

Thought I would make my first new topic in a long time for this jam - BLUE SKY. I am really happy with what we made here, me and @Crigence . I was able to explore a TON creatively and Crigence made some fantastic systems that are being showcased in this project. Never thought I would make a point-and-click noir detective paranormal mystery game, but here I am.

Funny how the main script was written in an hour and then turned into this. Really happy with what we accomplished, story-wise, art-wise, code-wise, all of it.


You might find a bug here or there, so also please let us know if you find anything HERE. We’ll be trying to support the game a bit post-launch by fixing various bugs and adding some smaller details to the world of BLUE SKY.

You can play BLUE SKY here :bangbang:

This has been a fun journey, and I was glad to do this jam. Learned a ton!


… Time to take a break. :zzz:


KNOWN PROBLEMS & ISSUES :cry: :scream:

Inspired by @sup3r87 's post lol

Here’s a list of issues that I have been personally experiencing, which may add clarity to your playthrough:

  1. Double-clicking items in inventory triggers dialogue. Sometimes this will overlap dialogue that does not pertain to the item you are looking at that came from the inventory observe dialogue.
  2. Clicking the Clerk in Check-in while the tutorial prompt is on can cause some visual issues.
  3. For some reason, after talking to the Clerk, “exit check-in” prompt will not appear.
  4. In Room 117, special element “ability” is sometimes hard to trigger, and if triggered, can break after resetting once.
  5. If element “ability” fails in Room 117, it may trigger after you inspect an object, and for some reason turning the screen black.
  6. Final cutscene does not complete.

These are just some known issues that I have found since submission. We didn’t have too much time to playtest this, a ton of work was done the last 2 days of the jam which left little time to test anything. These issues will hopefully be addressed once editing is unlocked again.

Please let us know if you find anything else we should note! We will post the game again once it is all fixed up post-jam so the experience should be at least a bit better next time you see it:)



woohoo! it finaly out, i cant wait to play, leettttttsssssss gooooooooo1111


hey im having prolems leaving the reception room

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intense, buggy and exciting

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Yeah, there is a lot of bugs right now unfortunately that popped up last second. Will be updating and bug fixing a LOT post-jam to give you guys a proper experience:)


other than that soft lock i love it, it tells you enough to understand, but leaves you wanting to know more what is the blue sky? why is the eyes cursed? amd i love that, it makes me want to keep playing to know more! just the vibe i get, i have a odd skill of sensing vibes, and when i look at this game, calm…yet… offputting is all that is in my mind 10/10. -dwgamemaster


Congratulations on such an incredible entry! It’s clear you guys made the most of the two weeks you had. The art, music, and writing are some of the best I’ve seen from a Plymouth game and this is easily of the best entries. I hope we can look forward to more for the game after the jam ends!


i have a bug where you cant interact with anything

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im softlocked at room 117 @rcreger

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Yeah, as I said, there is some decent bugs that popped up last second that were not able to be fixed unfortunately. A lot of things especially we didn’t even know we’re a problem that popped up and made no sense lol

But we will be updating extensively after jam to fix as many issues as we can:)


Thanks @Greggo ! It was a ton of fun making that side of the game, and let me experiment a lot with different styles that I’ve been itching to try.

I’ll say that you and Huckleberry’s game was so vibey, especially in the saloon. Felt very alive:D still really need to give it a full play through, maybe post-jam:)


True. We’re planning on contacting Grazer about some of the games’ issues if we can’t fix them ourselves, as some of these bugs are almost too strange to come down to poorly tested code alone (For example: Focus not resetting after the first time you fail despite the fact that the object is set to reset on level restart and there are no saves connected to the timer itself)

I’m very grateful that everyone’s been so forgiving about the games’ technical problems, though! But man has it been torture to my pride finding out about all them post-launch, especially considering that this my first collaborative game and my name is listed as “lead programmer”… Ugh


Wooh! That was… Fun lol

We did pretty decent this summer, all around. More updates will definitely be following, fixing as many of the issues from submitting, maybe adding some things here and there and fixing up some of the art scenes.

Will be posting a more complete version on the Plymouth Entertainment thread, along with a trailer. So… Stay tuned:)