Board Game Idea!

During school I was just chatting with two of my friends and they end up coming up with a cool custom Risk game. Although they made it a digital copy on goodnotes so we ended up playing on a typing and drawing app, but that made me get an idea of making my own risk game on here. Since it wouldn’t require a lot of sprites (except for the territories) and I decided to put that into production. Still not sure how exactly its going to work yet, but I have a few ideas.

I also thought it would be cool if some of the community (you guys) to make different games based off of popular board games (or card games if you are into that sort of thing) like maybe Uno, monopoly, battleship etc. I thought it would be a cool idea for those who are bored such as me.

Although I can’t just go crazy on this project since I’m apart of a dev team, but I will use this as a side project since all of my main projects are halted because I lost my indie.

Since I don’t have indie I can’t make the game online multiplayer, but I will use a similar idea from Fire Boy and Water Girl where multiple people can play on the same device. After someone finished their turn, it will then toggle to the next player and I plan on making the game a 2, 3, and 4 player which can be selected at the menu. Although the game won’t be an entire rip off of risk since I plan on giving it a custom map, rules, and other stuff. So I’m just using the main idea.

I wanted to make this because I wonder what you guys would think of the idea and that would be pretty cool if some of you made a game based off of your favorite board game. At least take this as sort of a challenge since some people tend to post those on here and I’ll use that as an excuse.

Can’t post the link yet since the game is literally three sprites, lol.


I really like the idea, I’m up for a Flowlab version of Monopoly or Ludo, maybe @Grazer can even make that an official online section of the site for all to enjoy!

I feel like @todorrobot and @TinkerSmith would enjoy remixing some classic board and card games of their own, good idea!


It would be an interesting experience indeed. Although given how busy I am, I probably won’t try this. But if anyone manages to make this, I would definitely play it.


Already on the ‘to-do’ list, @The_Kodex


screw remaking a classic, how bout an original board game

Of coarse. I think it would turn out even better if you used a similar design but with a different theme or maybe a new aspect of the game. For me I’m doing a risk-type game but there is a different map and some new rules, I haven’t worked them all out yet but I’m getting there.
I’m sure your game would turn out pretty well if it’s original.

Trust me, anything @todorrobot touches turns original, HAHAHA