Bob (15 characters)



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This is very cool sir or ma am?

No,i cant look at that much horror,OMG this gonna be the new Doki Doki isnt it?

can I make him even sadder if I mash N repeatedly?

Why would you do that? :frowning:

Heres what I think you should add more questions. and if you dont answer it correctly you die

I want to decimate his feelings. Part of good game design is accomodating different playstyles, including those who want to be big ol meanies.
please let me make him cry

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Yeah, uh

Screenshot 2022-03-16 9.09.20 AM

Bob. Is Love, Bob Is Life.

I added some more questions to bob :slight_smile:

is there an ending cuz im getting the same questions over and over

It’s still early in development and will get more questions and endings, right now there is the “You’re in danger” ending, and the “You’re a liar” ending.

Added true ending, yes path not finished yet.

Hey, this is a pretty interesting concept. I noticed this just now, and I gotta say… this game (or interactive experience, or whatever) is suspenseful with the two current endings. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this game and see how things will come along. :wink:

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I find the Liar ending scarier than the Danger ending. Bob, I swear, I was not lying when I said I didn’t like seeing you sad. :cry: :sob:


Thank you, originally this game was a joke and was just supposed to be a test for fading in text, but I’ve actually grown to like the idea of choosing how you wanna go through the game.

Remember he’s only a game :slight_smile:


Thgis game is very fun to play. Are you going to make it more sacrier?? :confounded:

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Keep making this game @Pixel_Name1! This is starting to get interesting. You should keep working on it and turn it into a main project.

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you bob where live knows?

lol, It was supposed to fade in but I kinda scraped it