Bob World Arena is now being made using a different game-creator.

If anyone is looking to see the games progress or updates plz kindly go to our facebook page and check it out. PS: we are looking for Artists, Scripters and a person who can make Sound FX.

Facebook Page:

I can do 2D art,if you’d like.

i can do 3d art/textures, scripting, and physics. currently working on an 3d FPS

wow ok i will report to my friend Will. Our game is 2d so yeah and we do need scripters and stuff so i will get back to you in a bit

ok both of you just go to our facebook page and leave a random comment on one of our posts so we can proceed to add you to our facebook chat so we can work from there. (can’t be bothered really using any grammar right now).

I’m glad to see that you guys are still working on Bob World :slight_smile:

thanks grazer.