Bomb game with numbers input

I want to make a bomb game, you must enter a password. If you enter the right password and click the tick button, an animation plays etc…
If you enter the wrong one, an animation plays etc.
The password is only numbers.

How do I make the logic and the behaviours. Please help

i will show video to help

pls give a link to the game first please

The logic is messed up though, like really messed up
the password is 34273 btw

do you want when you click a certain key it come green and wrong it will come red?

so here was my plan,
you input the password and then click the green tick mark, when you click the green tick, if the answer is correct it shows the green animation. If its wrong, it shows the red one

ok im doing it right now in my video

Thank you so much! This is for an event and this is supposed to be the final bit

Your welcome it said you’re new here so i was happy to help :smiley:

Sorry but it took 14 minutes to do the video i hope you could still watch it

umm sorry if this is stupid but where is the video?

i just made it heres the link (sorry it took long, pls subcribe!)

oh ok, so that is not what i meant at all. I wanted to know how the bar on top can accept the inputs by clicking a button and make an animation on the bar (correct) if the password inputted is right, not about the button animations. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
I want to make it so that if the password is right, it shows a green animation on the bar, but i dont know how to do that

ok lemme try to figure that out

I’ll see what i can do later bai (i will be online still

sure, i just need to try complete it by tomorrow night

maybe make a red and a green one and when you click the right one it will send a green and a wrong it will send a red

Yeah but the problem im encountering is the logic bit, not the animation part. How do I use the filters and stuff to give the output if
a) the answer is correct
b) the green button is ticked

now this will take a long time to figure out but i got some games to make bye for real now

will you be able to figure this out tho or should I just keep trying ?