Booby Traps? top down movement

ok so i am making a top down horror game and i want bear traps to be randomly placed throughout the map and when you walk over one it brings you to a cut scene where you for instance (have to press (space) as fast as you can to fill up a bar and if you dont get it filled up in the time limit presented then you die

maybe make anotherv seperate level then once u go onto the trap it send u to that level and u put in the graphics and so on

that is very smart but how do i make the bar to where i need to smash the button

There you go

Not a cut scene in a different level that would just bring you back to the start if you did

you could have it send you to level that you were in via a global varibile

all of this is somewhat good info thx guys/girls

U can using the next level block u can select the level u want and once u won that bit u can set it to go back to where u got the booby trap

thats impossibe @beanies_bugs

no go onto the next level block and click on it. it will say which level u want it to go to unless im thinking of something else

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 17.56.08

@glowbug and I have done a similar cutscene-esque format in my game Till We Have Faces, I’ll release the coding for that with the game itself.

It does not involve switching levels and that whol saving/globalvariable shenanigan

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you dont get itttttt

umm explain then

lol lol lol thx for the help guys but me and my team are doing a project rn so i had to delete the game it doesn’t even matter anymore but continue talking if you must

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lol okkkkk

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