Boomer-rang Update/Dev Log

Here you will see an update log for My game, Boomer-rang (name will be changed eventually).
Any comments and/or criticism on the game is welcome.
Enjoy the rest of your day/night.

Boomer-rang Demo

Click to play, enjoy. This is just a demo.

-Added “Dev log” button into menu.

Will be looking into this no and again @praisetheyuppee , good luck!

@rcreger Thanks! I’m working on the dungeon right now, making it longer, getting closer to alpha. :smiley:

No problem @praisetheyuppee ! Also looked at it again, and it looked and felt great! Still some things, but so far, awesome start of a game! Also really like the menu and the animations for it!

The music is also :+1:

@rcreger thanks!