Boomerang Effect

I’d like and example of how to make an attack go back to the player after a certain amount of time, I can’t have it target the specific character because there could be multiple.
Something like Links boomerang in smash bros.

Well, one thing you could try is using Extractors to get the location of the player, and then sending those numbers to the boomerang with a Message and Mailbox. You’d then input those numbers into a Position behavior. And finally, for the smooth movement, you’d also have two Numbers that input into an Ease behavior. You’d set this Ease behavior to Quadratic (I pretty sure it’s quadratic, anyway).

The problem with that is one, the boomerang is emitted, and two if there are multiple of this one character the boomerangs would choose one of them to go to.
I do like the super smooth Effect

Oh, ok. So two of your players could potentially play with the same sprite? Hmm… I’ll think about that for a little bit. Also, if you don’t want the boomerang to be emitted, you can Emit a specific attack sprite and just Attach a nonsolid that has an animation. This wasn’t my idea though. I found it on one of ManiacPumpkins’ games.

You could have some sort of system for checking which player of the multiple that it is “bound to” when it is emitted. Then it can extract the specific player info and go back to that.

Do you know how I would do that?

I’m just going to assume this is impossible

grazer made an example a while ago:

could you link your game?

I scrapped the Boomerang