Bored Fellows Club

Hey… What’s up? Welcome to the discussion for all of my Bored Fellows! You know, we all get bored, and have nothing to do… So here is the discussion where you can do, literally, just about WHATEVER YOU WANT! Of course, please try to limit vulgarity and language, but this up to all of you! Talk about whatever, joke about whatever, and do whatever! Welcome… To the Bored Fellow Club…

Now, what are you waiting for? Have fun, and never be bored! Just talk, even with that annoying comment spam limit! But, @grazer is not to blame, no one is… So go ahead, have fun, and most important: Do not be bored!

The sky.

Yes, I really did post here just to make that dad joke.

Hey @ToastMaster64 , this is just to chill around. This is just something fun to do. We can literally talk about anything. Thing is, do people want to talk about it with you?..

anybody likes puzzle games those are fun

Are you trying to say no body wants to talk to me @rcreger?

lol anybody good at tetris?

my high score is 369,??? (i cant remember the rest)

No @ToastMaster64 :lol: But do they want to talk about what you are talking about… I get where you got confused. But anyways, I love puzzle games @lolpinkshep , especially when it is partially plat-former. A good example of this is @“Biscuit Butter” 's Kid’s Quest 1 and 2, which are very good, and you need a brain for it! I swear, one of the best games I’ve played! (You can put that in the description of your game @“Biscuit Butter” , “I swear, one of the best games I’ve ever played!”)

Yeah kids quest was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good ive played a little bit of cubed lite it was pretty good

I like more “command and conquer” style games, like I said, I really like Running With Rifles.

never heard of it @ToastMaster64 is it on pc? my ps4 isnt working

(please dont get pissed)

Ya, it’s on steam.

oh wait what!? i wasnt expecting that

I keep on forgetting to @ people lol, @lolpinkshep

oh no its ok i get notified when somebody comment on the same discussions that ive made a comment on

That must be annoying, to get every notification.


oh @ToastMaster64 yeah it can be especially ones that i dont care that much about

You wouldn’t wanna face me @lolpinkshep my record for tetris was close to 1,000,000 last time I played

@MagmaDude100 i have a retropie where i play tetris on and i have a emulator on my phone whats your tetris friends name Magmadude ill battle you fair and square