Boss fight programming

I’m going to make a boss for my game. and I need some help with the programming. for example life bar and attack mechanisms

Hello! If you can be more specific, or break down what bits you’re having trouble with, you’ll be more likely to get answers here. Also make sure to check out the game examples in Help, which show stuff like health bars and attack mechanisms.


how do i make the enemy go one direction and switch when it hits a wall

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Where is the player

the bottom filters contain 10 and -10 respectively
is the distance from the character
you can change them as you like, these will help you make an attack when it gets close to the character


I did exactly as you showed but it doesn’t work. here is a link if you want to look at it

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are you extracting the player x and putting it in to the global?

try to explain it to me again, only this time you’re explaining it like I’m an idiot

if you want the boss to follow the player, do something like this:

if you want it to move back and forth all you have to do is move it forward, and when it collides with something flip it.


what did you do with expression

I recommend watching some beginner tutorials because they go over all of this in the videos if your new to Flowlab. it would be much faster

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