Boss Health (URGENT)

I need help makinhg A boss for my game that has health in which goes down after a few hits With My Character’s bullet.THANKS!

Hey, just add a collision trigger to your boss that is set to react when it touches your character’s bullet. Then send the output of that into some negative number, and add it to your boss’s health (this will subtract some health). Then you can have the boss take some action once his health is reduced to zero.

Post a link to your game, and people will be able to give more specific advice :slight_smile:

Thanks! biut my creator is getting very laggy and my boss level,Boss dungeon, 2nd and 3rd levels are all gone! well there content is. i will make a new fourm for this.

Never mind, just a loading issue

How do i get a boss health bar?

the simplest solution is to add a “bar” behavior object, and send your boss’s health value to it