Bot help needed

im tryna make a bot that can wander and if its hit ill run or attack
any ideas :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Use alpacas problem solving method

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what is that

Yeah I need to really make a guide for that. I haven’t come across a single problem someone has had that it hasn’t worked on.

It’s a little harder for bots because a lot of it is fine-tuning though.

  1. So the main premice of it is to think about what you have in a very detailed way
    In this case, it sounds like you have nothing to begin with.

  2. The second step is to think about what you want to happen. In this case, you want a bot that can wander around, and then when it’s hit, it will run away.

  3. Find the behaviors needed. From that short description of what you want to happen you know some of the behaviors that are needed.
    [Collision (to detect being hit), velocity or position to move it, probably a random for random wander movement, a switch to turn wander off and turn on flee, probably timer to start some of the random movement and another go back to a wandering state after running for awhile]
    [Collisino, Velocity/Position, Random, Switch(es), Timers (2)]

  4. Now you have some behaviors for it, now to make a dumbed-down version of it. This means a very simple version that you know how to make.

  5. After you do that, identify why that doesn’t work for the end goal you’re trying to achieve.

  6. List the things that are missing and once again try to extract what behaviors are going to be needed for that.

There is more that is needed especially for a bot, and that just requires time and a bit of fine-tuning. Make sure to bundle things well.


This is just so much work and no details… Plus it’s kinda obvious that you haven’t even tried yet…

i have every game iv made and i always fail

Never give up my dude

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