Bounce breaks some things

Making a throwing system for a basketball game, spent 3 hours fixing a bug and realized is was caused by bounce, and if every bounce thing is disabled it works, and if one is enabled but hasn’t done anything it won’t. I am not in the mood to spend 3 more hours checking to see if this is a mix of 4 or 5 bugs, but it is a mix.

@Diamondkittyxl_2 - I can understand being grumpy after spending a bunch of time working on something, but please consider that every problem you encounter in your game may not actually be bugs in the engine or editor.

You may have discovered a bug of some sort, but I can’t even understand what exactly you are trying to report here.

I’ve fixed it now but i still don’t really know what was causing it in the first place, i was trying to make it aim at the mouse but that caused it to throw to the ground, because it was impulsing forwards. I fixed it by using impulse x instead of forwards.

Well I don’t know what you were doing either, but here is an example of what it looks like when you use PointAt to face the mouse, and Impulse to move forwards.