Brave Bijou - Generic Platformer

Good whatever time it is in your time zone.

I just wanted to throw this game here as a potential demo, it’s quite general in nature- but I liked the direction it went in, and as such felt it appropriate to share. Completing it will repeat the current level for now so I apologize in advance if it feels incomplete- mainly because it is.

Brave Bijou would be a throwback platformer with a little Giraffe protagonist, who, after returning the queen’s spots, is awarded a boat that only goes to a magical island on which wishes are granted at the tallest tree, and Bijou sets off to wish for his growth sprout and, finally, his neck with spots. meant as a generic title with easy gameplay, Brave Bijou would simply be a fun few levels of collection and non-violence (lame, I know.)


Hope it’s enjoyable enough for what it is!
I appreciate the read, take it real easy.
~ V


Hey @lonesable - the gameplay could maybe use a bit more polish, but I really like the way it looks. Very clean, simple, and consistent aesthetic with cute characters :+1:

Great start!