Bring back dragging behaviors into bundles!

In order to speed up the process of the starblast 2 shop, I’d like to but behaviors in bundles (for the ships selection)

because the v1 editor is able to do it, i tried entering it, but because the game is so huge, it wont load

There should be a confirmation when you try dragging it into a bundle. I don’t want accidents happen again :frowning:

Oh and it should also be possible to take it out of a bundle.

I am working on a behavior editor & bundle only update, and have been for a while - I don’t have a release date yet, but the next version will address some of these concerns.

Wow grazer said something! Finally :smiley:

A duplicate button for each behavior would also be cool. It will also duplicate the behaviors’ properties. Useful for labels and alerts.

@grazer how are the patches coming?