Broken pause / timer issue has been fixed! [RESOLVED]

So I’m making a Flowjam game with a lot of wacky mechanics going on, and most of them are actually, surprisingly, working somewhat how I intended them to.

The one function that is NOT working right is one of the most basic of basic functions: my freaking PAUSE button, of all things.

Oh sure, it pauses the game, and everything freezes. But when I click to unpause it, literally everything that was connected to timers, including my timer itself, fast fowards as if the game had never been paused to begin with.

Like if my timer is at 15 seconds, and I pause it for 30 seconds, when I click to unpause, it skips forward to 45 seconds (and all of my emitters start spitting out everything they would have spawned over that time period all at once).

Am I doing something wrong or is the pause function currently broken?

According to the Behaviors Handbook, “Pause Game blocks pause the entire game, stopping all physics and game events except for mouse clicks.” Why are my timers still running in the background? Or do I have to set specific logic for each and every one of them to pause when the game is paused?


maybe this is a bug? Is it possible that you have “don’t pause this object” checked in the pause setting? You can DM me a link to the game and I’ll check it out.




It’s a bug, everything with a timer will speed up to get to it’s current spot, as if I were running while the game was paused. Same exact bug can be reproduced by leaving the tab open, going into another one, and going back into the previous tab (with the game in it); it just speeds up time (so time traveling is real, I knew it!).

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Thank you @grazer for fixing this issue! You’ve just saved me a lot of time. :+1: