Broken wiring when I zoom out

I can’t delete wires after I zoom out


Yeah, this isn’t a bug. Just try to say zoomed in all the time.

Sometimes you can still do it though.

ok but what about larger amounts of blocks were I might not be able to connect the wire between them?

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how big is it like small large medium

This is big and it requires that I zoom out in order to delete or sometimes make wiring between “code blocks”.

And this is the advanced bot that I use in Monster County

Why do you need so many animations and switches?

If that’s so you can make multiple enemies out of a single object, there’s a much better way to go about that.

Personally, I would use separate objects for different enemy types, so you don’t have to switch off their respective animations, movements, etc.

well I don’t have indie so I have to save on how many objects I make or else ill go above the 50 objects limit.

Yup still a very simple alternative

I can make make an example on how to do this later