Bucket Update (Needed)

Hello Flowlabbers. This is the one thousandth Feature Request. (Not a very memorable one).


It is sort of basic, but I find it most annoying when I have to spend hours placing objects and filling large spaces. I need to assure that the player cannot see the empty space below the level.

The Request:

I ask that you, Grazer, create another Game World Tool. At the moment, there are four. I ask that a fifth is made that allows the editor to bucket certain objects.

I will not write an entire page, I think most will understand the little I said.

Please add this,



Probably a decent addition to have. For now, the Select Tool works very well for covering large chuncks. It made making the levels in Beyond the Glass 10x faster


Yes, it is a large help. The only flaw is, it cannot fill in specific areas, like a bucket would be able to.