Bug - Editing Sprite then Refreshing Erases Sprite Change

I’m not sure if anyone has this problem but I wanted to redo my ground sprite, so I finished the new ground, changed the name, and put in a animation. Refreshed after testing it (Just to see if it saved) and the sprite went to the old and all the other changes saved.

I even tried it with the Player before I figured this out thinking “oh that’s weird, doesn’t matter anyway not sure what the player should look like anyway.”

I want to say this is a new bug but i’m not 100% sure on that.

EDIT: Looks like it might only happen with old Sprites created before the new update. (If there was a new update to the Engine, I cant remember if the notice was on the “My Games” page before)

EDIT2: Loading another level doesn’t make the Sprite go back, Only refreshing. And only new Objects save Sprite changes.

Same. Grazer needs to fix this.

I will check into this again and see if I can reproduce it. There definitely seems to be a bug that needs to be addressed.

If anyone can come up with a set of steps that will reliably trigger a glitch every time, that would be a huge help.

Thanks for reporting this!