Bug in the game?

Well I just looked on my coolest game Super spring Origins and I see it is MESSED up. I didn’t do any extra work on it so I have no clue why it is now acting funky. … help?
also would this have to do with the fact that I upgraded to the newest version?

Hey Super_Spring - There was a glitch in the behaviors between the old and new Flowlab versions that was causing a problem, but it should be fixed up now. Thanks for reporting the issue, and let me know if you see any more problems.

:smiley: THX my friend just told me you did. THX! :smiley:

um. It is broken… again??? Here is a vid. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vEIbrz3TnaVzBzR2pET0szYnc/view?usp=sharing
… so… what the heck is happening? Is it not fixed? :l IDK what is even happening. Respond ASAP

That’s weird, I played the game again and it still works fine… try putting in the embedded code again and see if that works

0_0 when your friend gets on
also I did. THEN I tried NATHAN’s Game (no name)

That’s weird… must be something wrong with the embedded code…

NOPE :stuck_out_tongue: I will keep doing this until I prove my point :stuck_out_tongue: also checked the embedded code. Works fine.

Super_Spring: the issue is that your account has been updated to the prerelease version, and the coordinates have been changed slightly in the new version.

This means that the game is a bit broken for you, but not everyone else. I’m working on a fix, so that games made with the old engine will always display using that. In the meantime, if you log out it should work for you.

Oh thanks :stuck_out_tongue: so somehow it remembers that I am still logged in. Thanks I will log out :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again also How have they been changed? Also is there anyway that I could help with the Coding. I am still very new but if you told be what language I can study up in it :smiley: