BUG random invisible blocks placed that i can't remove (FIXED)

in the lvl2 saloon to the right where you spawn a solid block is placed, I haven’t placed that block nor can I remove it. pls help me remove that glitch and block if you know!

link to the game :https://flowlab.io/game/view/1084901

i couldn’t find it but you should make the camera follow the player heres how

  1. put the camera behavior its in components
  2. press autoscroll
    3.then choose the amount of space you want the player to move (the end of the level)
    you can check out my games player (its on the far right)!

Ok thx! im going to check if it works now!

I have done everything as you said, the glitch got removed when I exit and opened the game. but thx anyway for your effort!

you still didnt put the scoller test out your game and youll know what i mean