Bug with + value behavior

Hi, my name is R0CK. I am currently working on a game known as rogue decay. It’s a rogue game where you need to collect all the souls in the soul realm. If you die once permanent death you will start all over in the beginning.

But I have a few bugs. Because when I connect proximity of a block of the radius of 15 to a logic-gate on [And] behavior with y and x of proximity attach to A and B and the logic-gate behavior is connected to a value of + But when it collides it only triggers once. And when I collide with another block it would not work.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 21.54.05

turn off only trigger once in the proximity. and you set the proximity to player so it will only activate with the player

@USERNAME55, Oh I meant another block of the player.

Oh, Did you do what i said above? Try turning off trigger once