When I get a lot of bones inside each other at the same time in my graveyard game it counts as one. I shared the game with friends who don’t know flowlab and they really don’t like that.


Are you having the player count Collision into the bone, or are you having the bone send a message when it is destroyed? Depending on which of those you chose, gives different results. A player can only register so many collisions at the same time, while you can destroy an infinite amount of objects and receive an infinite amount of messages at the same time.

I used a proximity in the bone object (idk why I didn’t use collision), and it sends a message before it’s destroyed to the bone icon object at the bottom-right to add 1 bone.

What’s the best thing to do?

I’m not sure how proximity is affecting it, I’m assuming that you used proximity but you used it to only activate once. That way, you aren’t collecting multiple bones just by standing next to one. However, that would also mean that the bones that are near you near you, if you have closest object only checked, then that means that only the closest object actually activates when you get near all of those bones. You probably would want to change it to Collision. If you have closest object only checked on, you could also try just turning that off.