Bullet Madness Ultimate Suggestions

Please suggest things to use in my game, @rcreger I expect you to post a bunch! XD

- Pixel, Virtual Assistant

First, post a link :lol: Thanks!

@rcreger done
link: http://flowlab.io/game/play/1168158

-Pixel, Vitural Assistant

Well, here my suggestions:

  • Why does the ground animation look like that? Is it supposed to make an illusion of movement? I suggest you make an animation more suitable to look as though it was, maybe just make the ground not moving and making it only the grass moving, such as due to wind, or you could make it so an object spawns moving blocks of grass so the ground is actually moving.
  • The sun could have more realism, and at the moment looks like it could explode :lol: I suggest making an animation for the sun, if you like the style of it, just to give it some life.
  • I suggest adding some more background objects to it to give the game more variety in design.
  • Some of the fonts in the menu don’t really fit, and the font underneath the health bar is also not too fitting either. I suggest trying to get something more fitting.
  • Speaking of the menu, the “tip” at the top makes it feel strange, but the selection of modes is pretty neat. I suggest at least making it a bit smaller, or just make it an alert at the beginning of the game.
  • Adding some damage animations and death animations would be great! Maybe even movement ones as well. I suggest more animations, maybe for everything, to give the game some more life.
  • Finally, I suggest smoothing out the sprites, making them look more attractive, etc.

That is all I can think of right now, but other than suggestions, here is what I had liked about it:

  • I really liked the teleport animation when in the tutorial. Very neat!
  • I liked the gameplay a lot, and can give people a lot of entertainment for a great deal of time!
  • Thank you for the menu AND tutorial, which the tutorial hit bonus for me. Though, there is not much to go over since you only can move, but it teaches you what the enemy is (small suggestion: maybe make a tutorial for every enemy? Anyway, no more suggestions).

Thank you for asking me for suggestions, this is basically how my reviews are, because even with the cons of the review, I only suggest on how to make it better. I hope these help at least a little. When in further development, I would be happy to give more suggestions, maybe even a review! Good luck, and have a fantastic day!

Thanks! After finishing a few campaign levels I will also add a dialogue box instead of just alerts for Pixel talking, he is part of the story too

Ah, there is a thing I forgot to mention: perhaps adding some story. When doing stories, try to answer the following questions for the player: Who is the character? Why are they there? What is the conflict? What does the character want? Who is the main “bad-guy”? Why do they believe it is wrong? What is wrong? etc. You can even answer some of your own. Good luck!

Thank you @rcreger ! Me and my team are working on it now.

-Pixel, Vitural Assistant

@rcreger about the story, the game starts with a normal arcade game style, by the 3rd or 4th level things start getting more story, such as cutscenes, dialouge, boss fights, ect…

That sounds interesting @sho21 , as that could develop help for the player of how to play, and then once they are able to pass the simple levels, then they can get more involved. Good luck!

@rcreger I’m currently working on a dialoge box