Bundle height wrong

Hi @grazer

couldn’t find if this has been mentioned before, if not I just wanted to bring it to your attention.
When you use more than 7/8 in- or outputs the bundle icon seems to have problems to adjust the height correctly:

bundle ports

Nothing urgent, it is just visual and does not affect the functionality.
I will try not to break more :slight_smile:

oh god

ahahha classic

This should be an easy fix don’t know why it’s been here for years.

Hey @Latif - you’re right it’s an easy fix. This is why it’s not fixed yet though: https://trello.com/b/AFT6XXzR/flowlab-bug-reports-and-feature-requests

Stuff people complain about gets fixed faster though, so I guess this one goes up to the top of the pile :slight_smile:

LOL, don’t encourage complains or you won’t hear the end of it @grazer :lol:

I see Atlas textures on your trello list … cooooool, saves me from asking for them. Shall I file a complain? MUAHAHA
P.S. does that mean including JSON import from the most common sprite packages?

@TinkerSmith whats atlas textures

It’s basically a sprite sheet @glithctyrus … i hope he works out a way that would allow us to import them cross fingers
You see one when you export an animation. That would be called a uniform sprite sheet (or texture atlas) where each cell has a fixed format, like 32x32.
Like so:

Other systems also support non-uniform ones, where sprites are moved close together to save memory. Like so:

Then the program needs to know what belongs to what, a sprite sheet like that is normally accompanied by a second, mostly text based, file.
Along the lines, sprite 1 goes from X1/Y1 to X32/Y64, sprite 2 from X33/y1 to X64/Y32 … etc. The most common text coding for this is the so called JSON syntax. Dr.Google can tell you more about it.

Adding my Alphabet for the dialog one by one really took the fun out of Flowlab.

P.S. some of those even allow to define custom pivot points for animation … uhhhhh dream


P.S.S. The text you see when you copy bundles is actually JSON syntax :slight_smile:

Hey @TinkerSmith & @Latif & @PixelPizza - this issue should be fixed.

Thanks @grazer :slight_smile: