Bundle inputs/outputs disappearing... Kinda

Hey @grazer! Pretty sure I ran into a bug. This is what keeps happening:

On several occurrences, I’ve found that while editing my game, the bundle inputs/outputs would randomly disappear from the outside of the bundle, however, when entering the bundle, I can still find the correct behaviors. Nothing changes within the bundle, but it can greatly effect the outside, even deleting strings.

I’ve ran into the issue several times, but I’m not sure what exactly causes it. It seems pretty random. The latest instance was when I was editing in the animations bundle (within the “fall & land” bundle). You can find it through my game, Sol, on the “?DEVELOPER?” account, since I’m not comfortable posting it here. If you’d like me to PM the link, just let me know.


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This is an old bug and is usually caused by deleting inputs or outputs in the bundle.
When you add inputs, they are added in that order on the outside of the bundle. Usually if you delete the inputs out of this order, they fail to load on the bundle. This goes for both inputs and outputs.

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Thanks for letting me know - I’ll see if I can work around this