Bundle navigation

A lot of people can agree with me on this one.
We need bundle navigation. Some little arrows or something to click when inside a bundle, so we can navigate back. Some people have bundles inside bundles inside bundles inside bundles inside bundles, so they might get a little peeved when every time they want to navigate back they have to click OK and then navigate alllllll the way back. Please. Add it.


Oh wait I’m stupid.
There’s a little check at the top left corner when you’re inside a bundle. That lets you navigate back. However, @grazer, you should probably make it more obvious that that lets you navigate back. Maybe turn it into an actual arrow, perhaps? Whatever. This works for me for now.


I was typing up something explaining that, lol.
Yeah I wish there was something explaining it more obviously because I never noticed it until a year ago you could do that.


Hrm, OK - I never realized it was that subtle. I thought that they looked like website “breadcrumb” navigation. The buttons themselves are arrow shaped, but I’ll try to think of what might make it more obvious.