Buried Alive RE-RELEASE

This was the first FlowJam game I made, the theme, if I remember correctly, was “light and dark”. I thought this game was pretty good for being one of the first games I ever made. It needed some updates though, as originally you couldn’t even die… despite having hearts, I never got the death working. Now, everything should seems to be operating as it should.

The things I’m still thinking about are: you only lose health when you contact an enemy, I might want to make it that you continue to lose health if you’re close to an enemy. Also, placing the stones is a bit inconsistent, sometimes you need to walk away to reactivate the glowing.

I updated the color palate, reorganized the main menu, and added a leaderboard. Let me know what you think, and if there are any other changes or additions I should make.


So I tried completing this like 5 times and each run-through was a little frustrating.

  • The combat felt confusing. You have to be close to the birds to hit them but not too close to where they hit you, and it’s not very clear where that line is.
  • Searching for the stones felt like I was walking randomly for a very long time, only to find 3 at once, and then only being able to use one.
  • A bug I noticed was that you can collect the potions and go beyond the max health, not sure if that was intentional.

I think adding some kind of way to find the stones a little easier would help, as well as some kind of indication where your sword can hit (maybe highlight enemies in range?)

Thanks for playing and giving me your feedback, I agree about the distance to the ravens, I will work to try and clear that up.

The randomness of the stones is meant to allow people to keep coming back and playing. Since the level stays the same the stones need to go into different locations each time. There are 16 sections were the stones can spawn, and each section is a hallway length, so some are rather large. The likely hood of them all being in the same view is possible, but seems unlikely. Hopefully you won’t have that issue again.

I hadn’t thought of going past the health at the time, I can fix that. Thanks again.


So I fixed the health bug so you can’t get more than the 3 hearts, and added a glow to the ravens when you get close enough to kill them. Let me know what you think now. Thanks