Bye bye JNGgames, Hello Crimson Black Games

CBgames for short…
You may be thinking: What’s with the name?

2 reasons: it stands out and is also my 2 favorite colors.

The website

Also most of my older games will be removed


ohhhhh my
anyway, site looks pretty neat! I looked at your apps page and saw that you put a creators name under it (yourself) Are you going to integrate games from other people?


cool man

I like the name. Your website on the other hand, I don’t know. Your first page had a really aggressive color scheme, it kind of drowns out the logo, and hurts my eyes a little bit. Your website title (CB Games) on the first page is hard to read as well. I would look up some nice looking websites, and borrow ideas from them like where to put your colors.

Just a side note - I’ve got a bit of experience in web design, I’ve made a weebly (this) website that I quite like a few years ago. I’ve also made websites from scratch with notepad and HTML (this this one is satire for a school project). Just from my experience, I think that simplicity is always best. Make sure all of your pages look like a part of one website, and make sure your colors don’t clash.

Check this out for some nice websites.

Good Luck!