TL;DR I stop making games with flowlab, but I keep checking out this forum. Mario game will not be finished, but if some of you want it, it could be my last game for flowlab.

I’ll do something with real game programming in the future since I’m almost doing nothing with my programming experience. I know how to use javascript, so I will probably do something with that. Phaser engine I guess or something else.

So why can’t I stay on flowlab too? The spare time I normally spend on flowlab will be spent on game programming. I’m doubting about finishing my “Mario” Cube’s Adventure game because everyone is saying: “Make something original!” So if you guys changed your mind just tell me and I will maybe finish it.

See you

Of course nobody cares so it doesn’t surprise me if nobody comments :smiley:

Of course I’d hate to see you go, but you’re welcome back any time. I for one do hope you finish Mario Cube’s Adventure first :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can not stop you from leaving and getting you between the community and working on the flowlab. I understand your point of view and wish good luck in the outside world.

Of course I would like to see your last job (if you give up on flowlab). I know that you have the capacity to accomplish something that can surprise us all. So if you want, I would like to play the finished game.

I still have to hope that you may still fall in love with the flowlab again and stay together with us for a longer time.

If not, it was a pleasure. You helped and did a lot for the community, and I must thank on behalf of us all. Even though there have been some problems in between, which is normal, you continue to be a valued member.

In the future, I hope to see some of your game being published and famous. See you. <3

I actually won’t leave the community though. Leaving a community is hard for me :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty sure the only thing you’ll notice is I won’t create new games anymore.

I think I will just finish the Mario game. So that will be my last flowlab game.

Thank you for your comment by the way :smiley: A game by me being famous is a big dream lol.

Someone just moved up a rank. Jk lol

I could’ve expected that lmao