Cactus Studios Games---For Glory---Map & main character

Yes, as you can see, I abandon Cycles of sun, due to the fact I have no concrete ideas of what the game will look like. I am now starting another project, For Glory , which will happen in a far future in which the Earth is under several alien wars and alliance. In this game, you play Shor, a young soldier of the 100th legion of the Human empire, under the command of the general Kraal, who knows Shor’s inner power, which is even unknown by himself. Hope you enjoy this new game.


Update-Basic game needs
Map and main character almost doneezgif-3-38c3fa3e4769


How did you make the different layers for the parallax scrolling effect?

When you use the camera behavior, you can add parallax to your game. I think the background is the farthes layer so it moves the slowest. The game layer is next, but it depends on the layers you use for that. I wouldn’t say that user interface works since it doesn’t add to parallax at all, it just covers the screen.

I know how to do parallax for the background but I don’t know how to have different layers moving slower than others. Like how you have 3 different layers of buildings moving at different speeds when the camera moves.

You’re right, the more you want the background to move, the less you assign to “Parralax”

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You have to put a lower “display order” to the ones you want to move slower, from back to front


Yeah, there are enemies with lifebars, and I plan to add a function you can hear a random issue of Shor’s voice journal


@Cactus_Studios_Games Dude did you actually make that pixel art? Like, all of it?

No, I use royalty free sprites. I’ll use mine for the Flowjam as a secret weapon

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I can see your holding back your true power to spare us mere mortals XD

Still impressed by that idle animation you made in the FLOWLAB SPRITE EDITOR, like wut