In our desperate attempts to create some of the greatest games Flowlab has seen, I realized a long time ago, that I can’t do this alone. My best skill is in NPC A.I., and that doesn’t do much good in the long run. So, from the “founder” of ViperTeck and ViperTeck’s Popularity Project, I am calling all Flowlab users who can meet the requirements of my first post from this subject: (
If you meet those requirements, then you should probably keep reading if you’re interested.
I need people with all kinds of skills, listed here: (The #/5 Assets signify their importance. But in the long run, an equal, large amount of attention must be payed to each one. Each of these will play a huge part and have a large affect on the games)

Pixel Art (5/5 Asset)
Pixel Animation (5/5 Asset)
NPC Behaviors (4/5 Asset)
Producing and Advertising Games (2/5 Asset)
Storytellers (4/5 Asset)
Behavior Checkers (4/5 Asset)
Bug Fixers (4/5 Asset)
Supporters (2/5 Asset)
Tracking behaviors (3/5 Asset)
Combat behaviors (5/5 Asset)
Object holding and placing and dropping behaviors (5/5 Asset)
World designers (Fallout Anarchy is the maps of the Fallout 4 Commonwealth and New Vegas Mojave Wasteland) (5/5 Asset)
Inventory designers (5/5 Asset)
Inventory behaviors (5/5 Asset)
NPC designers (4/5 Asset)
Dedicated people (5/5 Asset)
Saving behaviors (6/5 Asset, Extremely Important)
Interesting Features (4/5 Asset)
Voice Actors (5/5 Asset)

Now, if you feel comfortable with any of these, comfortable with being with us for a very prolonged amount of time, and feel comfortable with working on specific parts along with working with mature material, then please, please, consider joining. My aim is to create a game with around 100 hours of gameplay, minimum.
There’s a few people out there I’ve been thinking of, but I can only be curious if they’d like to join us. So, anyone who has these skills and meets ALL requirements, I would love it if you joined us in our desperate effort to create amazing games on Flowlab.
Here are the people I’ve really wanted to help us, and please, if I’m just annoying for the list of people I have, just tell me. I know my skills are… Lacking.


Before you apply however, for anyone interested, make sure you meet the requirements on the calling page, here:

=( I don’t have indie =(