Camera Help

I’m trying to make a game with different camera positions each level but each time I adjust it adjusts all the other levels as well.

Make different Players (Objects with the “Main” Player as Parent) and each one with a different camera behaviour (The “Main” Player don’t have a camera behaviour)

@PixelPizza’s idea will work, but here’s another option:

  1. Don’t add a camera block to your Player object
  2. Create a “Camera” object that just has a Camera block in it, and follows the Player object.

See the examples page for an an example of this concept here:

That example has extra logic for smoothing the camera motion, but you don;t need that.

I cant seem to get it to work and ive looked at the example and it doesnt seem to help @grazer

the problems on level 3 @grazer

Hey @mipam - can you post a link to the game, and some details about what exactly the problem is?

@grazer the problem is i want the camera to also follow me on the y axis but when jump down the camera just leaves my player.