Camera view bug?

I enter the game and that happens…


(Yes it is with background repeat… yes there is a background image)

Happens to me too, there’s no definite solution. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a bug

I’m not seeing that, do you have to do anything special to trigger it?

I guess it’s just opening the camera behaviour

So if I open the camera properties on the hero it should glitch? I tried that, and wasn’t able to make it happen :frowning:

Yes that was suppose to happen… but I will try again and record it…
Note: If I refresh everything goes back to normal

Bug 1: Alright this was worse even crashed (That wasn’t suppose to happen but it happened)
Edited camera… Played in editor… Stopped… Boom

Bug 2: Background delets himslef
Edited camera… Played it… background just dissapears

Make sure nothing is going off the screen while the background is set to loop.

Ok, thanks for the videos - I’ll try that out

Did something came up or it’s just my computer? @grazer

Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to investigate this yet, I’ve been working on the behavior documentation. It’s taking forever, but the current old, outdated documentation is terrible :frowning:

Alrighty! No problem don’t worry. Good luck!

If you need some help in something I’m here.