can anybody help out with my game.

i need help with my game, its pretty basic and it need some help. if you can help comment and ill give you my account so you can work on it thx -Leo

what do you need help with?

a lot of things like health and labels and lots other

I can do those, what else?


also enemy and player behaviors

what kind of player/enemy behaviors, and do you want explosions to just be animated?

for enemy and player if I could get my enemys to do more than just shoot

random or chasing?

then explosions I want to be able to kill enemies at range but yes they can be animated

there are forum posts for most of these, why not search them up?


chasing is pretty difficult, I’d go to some of the other discussions, or if you like, I have a working chaser in my evolution game. (test stage) I’m not sure how to do range effectively, but try experimenting with chasing and get rid of the obvious and add destroyers

if you want ill give you my account email and password so you can mess with it

nah, I’d use the rest of the beautiful world of forums to help, or use my evolution game, which holds most of the things you need, along with spaceship war two player for health bar. you can find this in my game hub


test stage for evolution holds chasing BTW

how do I gat to your game hub


Go to the forum post titled “Stroligy Game Hub” then click on the link, the go button in the hub takes you to the games