Can anybody Suggest Move ideas for my Game

I need a click attack and E attack for the glass frog You use the abilities to fight bosses
link to my devlog Its Froggin Time (Game Devlog) - Game Updates & Announcements - Flowlab Community

The click attack for all the frogs should be the same, maybe you can make it a combo like you punch first and then you kick. For the E ability for the glass frog though it should be to become invisible for 5 secs. This will confuse enemies and they will ingnore you. You can also give it a speed or jump buff if you wanted too.

Also you should give the frogs passive abilities.

Good I am Giving each frog a different click attacks though the Normal frogs click attack is using its tongue like a whip the poison frogs is Spitting Poison I will Code passives soon

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Ok i guess that makes sense. Inwas thinking somewhat on the lines of those neing abilities though

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