Can anyone give me requests on how to make the sans fight (Undertale)?

please tell me how please I want to recreate the sans fight from Undertale can you give me ideas?

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If you want to re-create the game, then what do you need ideas for?

like how to recreate the blue soul where when sans turns your soul blue it activates gravity only when the blue soul is active. and how to recreate the blue bones where if you move while one is passing you get damaged.

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and the gaster blasters where when one shows up you get 3 seconds before they shoot a laser

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I only just learned what Sans is. I can help if you describe how the various objects work int he original game.

A cooldown?

well basically a gaster blaster sans can summon one witch when a gaster blaster appears you have 3 seconds until the gaster blaster shoot a laser witch does 20 damage

I’m a bit busy atm, but here is the boss fight

Typically when you describe something properly you can actually get the solution for it.

So for showing the blaster and then shooting 3 seconds later. In that case you’re dealing with time, so use a timer set to 30 (3 seconds) and then shoot the blast.
To only be damage by something while moving, when you move turn a switch on to be damaged, then turn it off when you stop moving.
For the gravity part, you can’t use Flowlab built in one. Instead use a Motor pushing the Player down. Only activate this when you want gravity enabled, then turn it off when the player is no longer affect by gravity.

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I will try that real quick

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cough Bad Time Simulator (Sans Fight)

how do I make the push motor push you down immediately?

I usually have it at a pretty high number like 80-120, depends on the object size

how do I change the number cause when I click the push motor it does not show any thing.

It’s the number you input into it that you need to alter

ok let me try that real quick

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