Can anyone help me with this dinamite?

I have this game. And in that game, as soon as the destroy block finds the proximity of the player, it sends a message to the dynamite. ONE problem. ALL of the Dynamites explode, I just need for one of the dynamites to explode, the one that is on top of the “destroy” block. Here is the game Please HELP!

send it to that specific object


And I think I just tried it and it didn’t work. @glithctyrus

when sending a message theres an option to send it to a specific object of that type

yes, and I sent it to one of the objects, it only explodes that one. @“JR 01” please help me here!

jr 01 is talking to grazer about flowjam stuff rn:Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 6.33.13 PM

Firstly, nice game! ( the arrow guy ai was impressive it would be cool to see more enemies like him)

But i’m a bit confused about what you want to accomplish, if you want the dynamite on top of the destroy block to explode - and only that object - make sure you name it something such as “carrot” so when looking for what object you want you can click on carrot. ( if you want this to happen with multiple destroyer blocks which all send to different objects just ask but it’s quite complicated)

METHOD 2 ( preferred )
Make two types of dynamite one which is fake the other which is secretly real ( :slight_smile: hope you can see where i’m going ) If the player gets close to real dynamite the explosion will be triggered

When and where do you want the Dynamite to explode?
Is is the Dynamite near the player or near the Destroyer block? You could use another Proximity for this.
If you want 1 dynamite to the 1 destroyer block, you could try using methods like “last contacted object” in the message behavior or maybe use an attach behavior.

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